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Overview of Srinagar 

Hire Car in Srinagar is the summer capital of the state of Kashmir, which is the name of Venus of the whole country and Venice of the East. Situated on the banks of the Jhelum River, the beautiful lake, the city with great historical, religious and archaeological importance, Srinagar caters to every type of tourism and is a favorite destination for tourists. Srinagar is mainly composed of two words, Mr. and Nagar. Shree means money and city ie city. The city of wealth implies that there is no dearth of any kind, complete in every way.

This city is a beautiful historical, religious and beautiful architectural destination. There are many historical buildings here and old religious sites, the tales of Srinagar's wealthy and prosperous times. Bornholm is an important historical place on which Neolithic had occupied between 3000 to 1500 BC. All the artifacts received during excavation have been kept here at present in Shri Pratap Singh (SPS) Museum, Srinagar. In the museum, many pots related to animal skeletons, arrow arrows, equipment and neolithic and neolithic megalithic era are also kept in the museum. Many temples and mosques in this area are almost 1000 years old. The Shankaracharya Temple and Jyotishwara Temple situated in the city are two main temples here. Here are the Jama Masjid, Hazratbal Mosque, and Mosque of Akhand Mulla, the main and famous mosques, which are the main centers of tourist attraction. Even if you want to see the beauty of Srinagar and heaven on earth Hire Me cabs Car Rental in Srinagar or Best Travel Agent in Srinagar Book Online Car in Srinagar HireMeCab is best cab Hire Service ProviderOur drivers are skilled and experienced for further information visit our website and contact us +91 8716988888,9316502800.

Tourist Places By Car Hire in Srinagar

  • Naseem Bagh Srinagar
  • Nishat Bagh Srinagar
  • Nagin Jheel Srinagar
  • Sangin Darwaza Srinagar
  • Khankah Of khwajamuindin Nakshbndi Srinagar
  • Khankah Off Shah Humdan Shrinagar
  • Dal Lake Srinagar
  • Anchaar Lake Srinagar
  • Shankarya Temple Srinagar
  • Shalimar Garden Srinagar
  • Sompiya Srinagar
  • Shri Pratap Museum Srinagar
  • Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden Srinagar
  • Imambada Hasnabad Srinagar


How to Visit Srinagar

  • By Flight

The airport of Srinagar is known as Sheikh-ul-Alam Airport, which is 14 km from the city. Is located at a distance. This airport is a national airport connected to many cities and states of the country like Mumbai, Delhi, Shimla, and Chandigarh. A taxi outside the airport will give you reasonable access to the city or to the hotel. Tourists from abroad come to Delhi's Indira Gandhi Airport and from there 876 km Travel to Srinagar and travel to Srinagar

  • By Train 

To reach Srinagar, the Jammu railway station is the nearest railway station, which is 290 km away. Is located at a distance. This railway station is well connected to many major cities of the country like Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum, and others. Visitors can also hire the private taxi for Srinagar from the railway station

  • On Road By Car & Cab 

Nearby tourist can travel to Srinagar from buses. Many buses are run by the state government through the hill paths of Leh, which will give you an opportunity to see every aspect of nature. However, there are many buses for Srinagar from places like Delhi, Jammu, Pahalgam, and Leh, which will facilitate tourists to Srinagar comfortably.Our Cab is also neat and clean or air-conditioned so you don't have any inconvenience in your journey. Our Car Rental in Srinagar prices is exclusive or cheapest with transparency. You can easily book Online Car in Srinagar by visiting our website https://www.hiremecabs and fill simple for car/cab/taxi. +91 8716988888

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